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Annual Meeting

Annual Board Election Meeting

Texas Bay will be holding our annual Board Election meeting on February 24th, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. at our Fuqua location. We will be filling three board positions. A Nomination Committee, appointed by your Board of Directors, has made one nomination per vacant position. These nominations are:
  • Wayne Otwell
  • Jeff Barba
  • Mark Wygant

Nominations for the vacancies may also be made by a petition signed by 1% of the credit union members (460). All nominations for petition must be sent to the Credit Union Secretary via registered or certified mail and received no later than January 15th. An official petition and candidate resume form may be obtained by writing to:

Secretary, Board of Directors
Texas Bay Credit Union
12611 Fuqua Street
Houston, Texas 77034

We hope to see you at this year’s annual meeting!