News: Avoid the Craze, Get Prepared Earlier

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Something about shopping during the holidays always makes people joyful, but it can also bring down the money in your bank balance. What we all love besides giving presents is saving money while giving presents. While holiday shopping has the biggest sales to shop from, it can get overwhelming, and often times cost you a lot of money in the short run. However, there is an EASIER and more SUSTAINABLE way to prepare for the holidays: Shopping Post Season.

Everyone knows Halloween candy prices spike up in October, and then, they all go on sale the day after. Likewise, the easiest way to not break your bank is by shopping post season.

Now, not all the gifts will work this way. However, the few that will, can save you major CASH.

Such as:

Personalization: less shipping costs, no time constraints, and price will still be fairly cheaper than near the holidays

Coupons: nowadays, it's easy to find coupons, and it saves you a lot of money too

Cashback: when using your Texas Bay Platinum Credit Card you earn 1 point per $1, and with our special promotions, you'll get double the points per dollar spent

  • Create a list of people you plan on gifting this year, including birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions
  • Set a budget for each event
  • If it is someone special, make note of things they might like in case you want to get it later in time
  • Wait to make big purchases, do the smaller and easier to predict shopping such as getting grandma a Sherpa blanket to stay warm in or a scarf for mom. By shopping for these early on, there's no chance of going wrong because they are not irreplaceable items
  • Check off items as you go along and be sure to stay within the budget, then you can see the real SAVINGS at the end
  • Create a Christmas Club account and start depositing money so you can create a fund for Christmas shopping instead

With all the different ways to start saving and shopping a better way, let our tools be resourceful for you. Our products and services are made to ensure your finances are handled properly and with much care. Likewise, we want you to save when you run errands or go on a post season shopping spree. Banking should be made easy.