Business Partnership Program

Empower Your Employees and Help Them Grow!

Partnering with Texas Bay Credit Union to bring financial resources and benefits to your employees adds value to your benefits package!  

Our professional staff helps employees with financial education and advice to give them the control to make their finances work for them.  The Business Partnership Program helps human resource managers and owners programs attract and retain quality employees.  And the best part is there is NO COST to offer the program to your staff.

Texas Bay provides information and tools for your employees so that they can better manage their income, build savings, raise their credit score, and secure their financial future.  Some businesses fall into the trap to lend money to employees in between payroll periods. The partnership program takes employee lending off the hands of HR managers so they can attend to other priorities.

When we partner with a local business, Texas Bay and the business have a mutually agreed upon goal that is tailored for their employees.  One goal could be to promote savings or investment.  Another goal could be to move lending between payroll periods to Texas Bay.  Whatever your goal may be, Texas Bay will promise to honor the following:

  • INSPIRE your employees to achieve financial well-being
  • ADVOCATE for them through one-on-one counseling
  • CREATE personalized solutions for their unique needs
  • SUPPORT them with free financial education, programs, and services
  • NURTURE a lifelong relationship with them and their families

Texas Bay Credit Union is here to help you and your staff.  For more information and to schedule a visit with one of our Business Partnership representatives, please submit a Partnership.  Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to helping you and your business!

Become a Partner

Business Partnership Benefits

  • FREE program to attract and retain quality employees
  • Increase employee benefits without increasing the budget
  • Consultation visits to implement the program tailored for your business
  • Staff visits during employee orientations / open enrollments
  • Financial education workshops (savings, credit, mortgage, etc.)
  • On-site representatives during annual wellness/benefits fair
  • More productive employees due to reduced financial stress at home

Employee Benefits 

  • All the financial products and services available to the membership plus additional benefits tailored for your business. 
  • Personalized Financial Service from a trusted partner
  • Payroll Deposit to help save for a rainy day
  • Direct Deposit that is safely available earlier than a check
  • Credit Enhancement Reviews at no cost
  • Car Buying / Selling Service
  • Investment & Retirement Services
  • Seminars and Workshops (first time home or car buyers, credit, savings, etc.)
  • Positive Work Attitude due to reduced financial stress