Get Paid to Learn Financial Literacy with Zogo!

What is Zogo?

Zogo is a free financial education app that rewards you for learning. Users can learn about saving, investing, building credit, and more with over 400 interactive modules. With separate curriculums for teens and adults, you can learn tips and skills that fit your life and needs.

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How it Works

Zogo has over 400 bite-sized financial literacy lessons on over 22 different categories from saving, to building credit, to investing and more. Users learn about finance by completing modules, taking interactive five-question quizzes, and participating in daily trivia games. Answering questions correctly earns you pineapples. You can then redeem pineapples for gift cards to your favorite stores such as, Amazon, Starbucks, Target, Walmart, and more!

Refer Friends and Earn More!

Earn 1,000 bonus pineapples when you use your custom access code to invite friends and family to join Zogo!

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Yes! Anyone can download and use Zogo. Simply create an account and use our access code: TBCU to get started.
Open Zogo and access the referral tab (It's the fourth tab from the left). From there you can click "Invite" to send out a referral link and code or copy your custom referral code to share with friends and family.
You can contact the Zogo support team at support@zogofinance.com

Every 5,000 pineapples earns a $5 gift card. With more pineapples, you can either get more gift cards or higher value gift cards. The fastest way to earn pineapples is by referring friends.
Zogo will email you your gift card once you redeem it from the Marketplace tab.