Digital Banking FAQ & Resources

Want to use the latest in banking technology, but just not sure how to get started?


Are you a regular user, but want to make sure you are getting all you can out of the robust features available in our digital banking platform?

This page is here to be your guide and assist you in learning everything you ever wanted to about banking on-the-go!  You will find answers from how to get set up to begin digital banking, to frequently asked questions, video tutorials to walk you through numerous functions on the platform as well as on your different devices.


Helpful Videos

You can pay bills, make transfers, receive account alerts, manage your budget, and much more!
  1. Click the 'Forgot Password' link located on the Texas Bay CU digital banking login page.
  2. Enter your User ID, the last 4 of your SSN, and Date of Birth in mm/dd/yyyy.
  3. You will be prompted to select how you would like to receive your identity verification confirmation code, by either text or phone call.
    1. If you do not have access to any of the listed phone numbers, please contact Member Services at 713.999.4152
  4. Once you enter and submit your confirmation code, you will be prompted to create a new password.
    1. Your password must be between 8 to 32 characters and contain all of the following:
      1. A lowercase letter (a-z)
      2. An uppercase letter (A-Z)
      3. A digit (1-9)
      4. a special character (~!@#$%^&*()[]{}<>_+-=/|:;."'?).
Yes, our Mobile Banking app can utilize Biometric technology! Sign into Texas Bay's Digital Banking from your computer or mobile device. Click on "Profile" in the main menu, and select "Biometric Enrollment". Follow the steps to complete your enrollment to begin utilizing face recognition to sign onto your digital banking account.
The new Mobile Banking app was designed to work with mobile phones. However, you can open a web browser within your tablet and log into our websites Digital Banking. The same features in the mobile app are available on the Digital Banking platform. Note that all features are available within the Online Banking version when logging in on a desktop/PC.

Yes. If you have set your cards in our Card Control system, you can turn your card off and on through the mobile app. In the main menu, select "Card Control". Once you are in the app, locate the card you need to lock and select the button to turn the card off. If you find your card and there is no fraud, simply go back into Card Control and turn your card back on. If your card is lost or you suspect fraud, please contact us immediately to close the card and issue you a new one.

On your account transaction screen, select the transaction in question. The transaction section will expand to show a "Transaction Inquiry" link. Select the link, and a message screen containing the transaction details will open. Complete the requested information, and select "Send". the Texas Bay team will review your inquiry and get back to you.
Yes. Texas Bay Credit Union offers you a way to transfer money to and from your accounts. Log on to your Digital Banking account, select 'Transfer Funds', and click 'External Accounts'. Select 'Add External Account'. Once you have completed the instructions to set up an external account, you can start transferring money safely and securely! Note: the transfer is performed as an ACH transaction and may take a few days to complete.
Log into your Digital Banking account via a web browser or the Texas Bay Mobile Banking app.  Select 'Profile' and then select 'Alerts'. Choose the alert type you would like to set up and follow the prompts. There is no limit to the number of alerts you may want to set up.
Texas Bay Credit Union offers 10 types of alerts on our Digital Banking platform. Each alert type has a variety of options available.
  1. User Subscription
  2. Reminders
  3. Balance 
  4. Check Clearings
  5. Daily Balances
  6. Loan Due
  7. Maturity
  8. Transactions 
  9. Debit Card
  10. Secure Messages
Log into your Digital Banking profile on either a web browser or the Texas Bay Mobile Banking app. Select 'Profile', 'Profile Updates', and 'Address and Phone'.
  • You may be prompted to verify your identity using a confirmation code that you choose to receive via text or phone call. Once you enter and submit your confirmation code, you will be directed to the 'Change Address and Phone' page.
You may enter your changes and click 'Update'.
There may be several reasons why you are unable to access your Digital Banking account. If you are having problems trying to log into the mobile app, try logging in on a web browser. If the issue continues, we suggest calling us at (713) 999-4152.
We have security measures in place that check multiple factors and patterns to determine the person logging in is you. With the upgraded system, you will also be able to view your login activity. 
They occur on week days by 4:00 p.m.
Log into your Digital Banking profile on a web browser. Select 'Accounts', and then 'e-Statements'. 
The Mobile Banking app allows you to message us 24/7! Click on the envelope at the top of the screen, or click on "Profile" in the main menu. The select "Messages" then "Compose New". No matter how small or complex, our team can handle it! You can also call during normal operating hours Monday - Friday.