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Protect Your Vehicle with healthCAR

Coverage from point A to point B and everything in between.

Think the only way to protect your vehicle is with a protection plan from your dealership? Think again! Protect your car and your pocketbook from costly repairs with healthCAR. Whether you're looking for an initial warranty or your current warranty is about to or has expired, healthCAR can help. 

Benefits of healthCAR

  • Simplified pricing up to 70% less than warranties offered at dealerships
  • No long-term contracts; cancel at any time with written notice
  • Affordable monthly payments
  • No mileage limits, no expiration date
  • Coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old
  • Additional benefits, including roadside assistance, that extend to your dependents
  • Short 30-day, 1,000 mile validation period
  • You only pay a $100 deductible if your vehicle experiences a breakdown
  • Coverage level based on mileage of your vehicle at the time of breakdown
  • Don't have your auto loan with Texas Bay? You can still use healthCAR!

Simple Claims Process

If your vehicle experiences a breakdown, the claims process is as easy as a click of a button. Begin the claim process have your vehicle towed to any of the over 91,000 licensed repair facilities in the U.S.  with the healthCAR app. healthCAR pays the repair shop directly for covered repairs and you're only responsible for a $100 deductible.

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