Courtesy Pay Opt In

To utilize Courtesy Pay, you must first opt in. You can choose to opt in to Courtesy Pay, Extended Coverage, or both with our electronic form. Any changes to your opt in/out status will go into effect after we have had a reasonable opportunity to act upon your request which may take up to two business days. 

Which Coverage Should I Choose?

Courtesy Pay Extended Coverage
What is it? An overdraft program that covers transactions from an account that would otherwise have insufficient funds1. You can read a detailed description of Courtesy Pay in our Courtesy Pay Disclosure. Additional coverage on top of Courtesy Pay coverage. You can read a detailed description of Extended Coverage in our Extended Coverage Form.
Applies to Checks, Pre-Authorized ACH Payments, Electronic Transfers, Returned Items for Payment, and Automatic Bill Payments ATM Transactions and Everyday Debit Card Transactions
Fees Each use incurs a Courtesy Pay fee as outlined in our Fee Schedule Each use incurs a Courtesy Pay fee as outlined in our Fee Schedule

Opt In to Courtesy Pay/Extended Coverage

If you have previously opted in, but have changed your mind, you may opt out of Courtesy Pay or opt out of Extended Coverage. Please note that if you opt out, overdrawn items will be returned unpaid and you will be changed a fee for each item returned unpaid as outlined in our Fee schedule.

1We determine whether you have enough money in your account for purposes of assessing overdraft fees based on your available balance. For a more thorough explanation of insufficient funds, please refer to page our Membership Agreement.