News: The SaveEasy Auto Loan

Better Than a Lease!

Ready for a financing option that allows you to get behind the wheel of your dream car without breaking the bank? Seem like a dream? It could be your reality. Sometimes it pays to look at a non-traditional one as it could perhaps be the one that makes your dream car a reality while saving you the most money!

Here are Some Myths About Our SaveEasy Loan:

  1. All auto loans are the same. Surprisingly, not true! Loans can come in many different structures. The SaveEasy Auto Loan allows for lower monthly payments without sacrificing your choice in the car you want. With a conventional car loan, you pay off the full balance, but the SaveEasy Auto Loan comes with a guaranteed future value.
  2. Payments will still be high. Nope! SaveEasy lets you get more for less. It's all in the name, you save easy! This type of auto loan offers a lower monthly payment than a conventional auto loan. With the guaranteed future value built into this loan it allows you to make lower than average monthly payments until you reach your guaranteed future value at the end of the loan. 
  3. You have to the pay the balloon payment. SaveEasy has multiple options at the end of the term.
    • Option 1: Turn in your car, period. Make no more payments and there's no need to pay the guaranteed future value!
    • Option 2:  Keep your car by paying the guaranteed future value or simply refinance. Texas Bay can help with that too!
    • Option 3: Trade in or sell your car to pay off the guaranteed future value loan amount. This is a great option if your vehicle is worth more than the guaranteed future amount.
    • The choice is all yours!
  4. You have to put money down. The great thing about this loan option is that there is no money down required. The taxes and registration can be included in the payment plan with flexible loan terms. 
  5. It's just like a lease. Unlike a lease, this vehicle is titled in your name. That's right, you own the vehicle without the hassle or hidden costs.
The truth is, this auto loan saves YOU the hassle of fees that can be avoidable.

Find out if our SaveEasy auto loan is for you by using our SaveEasy Auto Loan Calculator!

With the flexibility that comes along with it, the SaveEasy auto loan can help you get the dream car you've always wanted and OWN IT. 

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