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Traveling? Let us Know!

Traveling soon? Let us know!

To prevent fraud, Texas Bay protects cardholders by limiting transactions outside of the U.S. or your usual region. If you plan to use your Texas Bay Debit Card or Platinum Rewards Credit Card while traveling or purchasing merchandise from another country, please let us know in advance.

There are 3 ways to let us know you're traveling:

 Let us know through our Card Control app.

 Add a Travel Plan

  1. Log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App
  2. Select "Profile" > "Secure Form" > "Add Travel Plan"
  3. Complete the form with your travel information and click "Submit"
  Call us at 713.999.4152 during business hours.
Please provide the following information when you call:
  • Card number that you will be using while traveling
  • Contact phone number
  • Dates of travel and destination(s)