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Traveling? Let us Know!

Traveling soon? Let us know!

To prevent fraud, Texas Bay protects cardholders by limiting transactions outside of the U.S. or your usual region. If you plan to use your Texas Bay Debit Card or Platinum Rewards Credit Card while traveling or purchasing merchandise from another country, please let us know in advance. If you will be traveling internationally with a vehicle financed through Texas Bay, you are also required to obtain a Letter of Permission.

Using Your Card While Traveling? Follow the below instructions to submit your travel plans.

  1. Log into Online Banking or our Mobile App
  2. In the menu, select "Cards"
  3. Swipe to select the card you will be using, scroll down, and select "Manage Travel Plans"
  4. Select "Add Travel Plan" and add the destination(s) you will be travelling to
  5. Set the dates of your departure and return
  6. Select "Submit" and your travel plan is saved

Driving Internationally as a Texas Bay Auto Loan Holder?

When travelling internationally with a financed vehicle, you are required to receive a Letter of Permission. A Letter of Permission shows that you are authorized to drive the vehicle into another country. To get a Letter of Permission for your vehicle financed with Texas Bay, members must submit a written request, visit a branch, or contact our Call Center with the following:
  1. Member's name and loan number
  2. Date of departure and arrival back in the U.S.
  3. Proof of temporary/foreign insurance on the vehicle. The policy must show full coverage if the amount financed is over $5,000
  4. Address and telephone numbers of the location(s) the member will be staying
  5. Houston contact information in case of emergency
The Letter of Permission is only valid for 30 days and must be carried at all times during the journey.