News: Spring Break Tips

Get ready for a week of fresh flowers and greens coming your way! Spring break is the time for families to take time to refresh and recharge for the season change. With sunshine emerging, flowers blooming, and the frigid cold turning pleasant, you’ll want to enjoy your break with those you cherish.

Whether you are going out of town for Spring Break, or staying in the city, we have a few tips to keep in mind to keep yourself safe while rewarding yourself.

If You’re Looking to Travel Out:

Make sure you check to see the cleanliness of the hotel you stay at. What are the protocols on COVID safety?

Keep games on hand for your little ones. If road tripping, try games that have them discovering their new surroundings in a fun light.

Make a list of food stops you want to visit and see the best menu choices there by reading reviews. It could save you money and time!

Take your Texas Bay Credit Card so you can get cash back rewards on all your purchases. Save money while you enjoy spring!

Turn on roaming/travelling on your banking apps so they are aware that you will be making purchases elsewhere.

Would You Rather Stay Closer to Home?

Plan out the week early over the weekend, making sure to check their respective websites for deals or offers.
Check out the Museum District if you’ve got curious little ones who like to explore beyond their horizon.

Spend a day in the sun and cool breeze at Discovery Green and experience an interactive park created just for Houston families.

Foodie? Good thing Houston has an abundant number of worldwide cuisines. Create a list of different countries’ food you want to try and target a restaurant each day. Travel and enjoy the tastes of the world right from the comfort of your home city.

Wherever you choose to spend your Spring Break, make sure you enjoy it. Having fun doesn’t always have to be hard work, it can be rewarding and relaxing. Remember to breathe in the fresh spring air (maybe take an allergy pill right before for the extra pollen in the air) and smile because you’re here, living life to the fullest.

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