Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking and Online Banking Features and Benefits

Texas Bay Credit Union Offers Convenient and Secure Banking

We know you are always on-the-go, so we know it's important to you to have a secure way to manage your accounts anytime, anywhere. Our Mobile Banking platforms have been optimized for you to do MORE in LESS time. Whether you want to transfer funds, deposit checks, or manage your Debit and Credit cards, you have that capability anywhere you are.

Our mobile app for Android and iOS not only provides you all of the same great features as our online banking, but even provides you greater control on-the-go!

Texas Bay's Mobile Banking is as safe as it is easy. Protecting your financial information is our highest priority. To ensure your finances are kept safe, we designed our mobile banking app to be just as secure as our online banking experience. Safeguard your account from fraud and theft while banking wherever you are. 

Texas Bay Mobile Banking app is available for download in both the Apple and Google Play app stores. 
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Texas Bay offers members numerous FREE additional services on your mobile device

From depositing checks, fraud protection, contactless payments, and even the ability to access your cash at an ATM without your debit card! Find out all the services available and how to access them to allow you true account access on-the-go.

Mobile Deposits With No Bank Visits

Deposit checks straight from your mobile device

To make depositing checks quick and easier, Texas Bay offers Mobile Deposit. You can deposit checks into your Texas Bay accounts with just your smart device. To deposit checks, simply:
  • Open the Texas Bay Mobile Banking app on your smartphone or tablet, and select 'Deposit Check'.
  • The endorsement on the back of the check will be your standard check endorsement, such as your signature. Just below that, you must include "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT".
  • Take a photo of the front and back of the check with your mobile device.
  • Select the account where you wish to deposit the funds and enter the amount.
  • Tap to confirm, and the deposit is made!
Please visit our Digital Banking FAQ & Resources page for further Mobile Deposit instructions, troubleshooting, deposit amount maximums, and check hold times.

Set your mind at ease with Texas Bay's Card Management

The app keeps tabs on your Texas Bay credit and debit cards 24/7

Card Management helps you fight fraud with debit and credit card alerts.  Protect yourself from fraud, customize alerts for your transactions, and see suspicious transaction activity.  Personalize your own security and alert settings in the Texas Bay app anytime and anywhere.
  • Can't find your card? Lock it instantly to prevent fraudulent activity. You can unlock your card just as quickly as you locked it should you find it.
  • Get notifications whenever your Texas Bay cards are used.
  • Restrict your card to be used only in specific locations or geographic areas.
  • Review balances and transactions 
  • Control spending by setting limits or merchant types
  • Set a low balance alert on your debit card to prevent overdrafts
Set up your cards in the app TODAY and get peace of mind on your finances and enjoy life a little easier.

Access our Digital Banking FAQ & Resources page for instructions to set up and use Card Management.

Forgot your wallet? No problem.

Use Contactless Payment Options at Over One Million U.S. Merchant Locations

Load your Texas Bay credit or debit cards into your mobile wallet, and pay as usual with your phone or watch at any store location that accepts mobile payments. Just tap your phone to the payment terminal and quickly check out.

Signing up is simple. Pick your favorite mobile wallet, be it Apple Pay1, Google Pay2, or Samsung Pay3, and link your Texas Bay Credit Union credit or debit card.

                   Apple Pay logo             Google Pay logo             Samsung Pay logo

1 You can use Apple Pay on eligible iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs (Safari browser only) using the latest operating systems. For a list of compatible devices and required operating systems, click here to go to Apple's Apple pay page.
2 You can use Google Pay with your NFC-enabled device running Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or higher. When using Google Pay, your full card number is not stored on your mobile device. Please note: When attempting to add your Texas Bay Credit Union card to Google Pay, your card may be added to your Google Payments account to be used on other Google properties. This could occur even if the process of adding your card to Google Pay is not successful. For questions regarding this, go to the Google Support page for support.
3 Only compatible with select cards, carriers, and Samsung devices; see the Samsung Pay Support page for compatibility information and merchant terminal limitations.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apply Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc.
Google, Google Pay, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
©2015 Samsung Pay, Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S (and other device names) are trademarks or registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Use only in accordance with Law.

Putting all of the Power of Banking onto your Mobile Device

Securely control your accounts and handle any banking needs with just a touch or call

Texas Bay Phone Banking Services gives you the convenience and security to simplify your finances and your life.
  • 24-hour telephone response teller in English and Spanish
  • Automatically works in conjunction with Online Banking
  • Check account balances
  • Manage lost or stolen cards and activate new ones
  • Verify account deposits and withdrawals, including ATM transactions
  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Make loan payments from your accounts
  • All transactions are safe, secure, and private
To apply for FREE Phone Banking Service, call us TODAY!
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Easy, Fast, and Secure way of Banking

Texas Bay's Text Banking gives you the ability to check the balance and transfer funds between your accounts, and view your most recent transactions. Enrollment from your Desktop or mobile phone is as easy as using Text Banking itself!
  • If enrolling from your Desktop: log into the Digital Banking platform, click on the Service menu, and then User Profile.
  • If you're using your Mobile Device: log into the Digital Banking app, go to the Member Service menu, and enroll. It's as easy as that!

To use the Text Banking system, you simply text specific commands to 26454, and you will get a response with the requested information. 
Command Definition Function
CHK Checking account Combine this command with others to receive information back on your Checking account.
SAV Savings account Combine this command with others to receive information back on your Savings account.
ALL All accounts Combine this command with others to receive information back on all of your accounts.
BAL or B
  • Example: Bal Chk 
Current Balance Texting this command will return information on the balance of the specified primary accounts.
  • Example: H Sav
Transaction History Texting this command will return the previous 5 transactions on your primary accounts.
  • Example: HIST Chk
    • MORE
More History Text this command in combination with HIST to receive 5 more of your previous transactions. You can continue to text MORE to receive 5 more transactions at a time.
NICK or N Account Nicknames Texting this command to receive a list of all of your account nicknames.
HELP Technical Help Texting this command will return you a list of all of the commands available.
STOP Stop Text Banking Texting this command will unsubscribe the phone from Text Banking. 
  • Example: T Chk Sav 20.00
Transfer funds Texting this command will enable you to transfer funds between your accounts. You will need to add an amount to the command text.

*Message and data rates may apply.

Protecting you every step of the way

Banking security that travels with you

With the world becoming ever more connected, hackers and identity thieves have more and more opportunities to access your personal data and accounts. To keep you safe, Texas Bay has implemented security measures and protocols that focus on securing our members with their on-the-go lifestyles. Besides the standard protections that we offer our members, we have designed our Mobile Banking platforms to provide you even greater security and oversight over your accounts.
  • Text alerts notify you when potentially fraudulent activity is flagged.
  • Custom card settings to limit where and how your accounts are used.
  • Card Control allows you to freeze and monitor suspicious activity from your mobile device instantly. If everything checks out, unfreeze your card for instant access to your funds.
  • Contactless payment options keeps your cards away from skimmers and generates random codes to protect you from RFID hackers.
  • Set spending limits on your card so that your accounts are never drained out.
With Texas Bay's Mobile Banking security, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you and your information is protected.