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Start your financial journey off on the right foot!

At Texas Bay, we believe that financial education should start as early as possible.

Learning to be financially literate at an early age can be crucial for future financial success. We are passionate about teaching you, our youth and our future, how to create and maintain your budget, set aside savings, and understand how to build and manage your credit, which will set you up for success later in life. It can even help you learn the tools necessary to owning your own home at an early age. 

We want to be your partner in helping you start your financial journey off on the right foot with healthy financial habits. We are here to coach and be your partner to assist in creating your first budget, explaining what credit actually is, and how, when the time is right, to start building your credit.

As a student, you might be asking yourself, "How do I start?"
  • The first step is to open your own checking and savings accounts!
  • Then you can begin tracking exactly how much you have to spend and where your funds are going.
  • Ask yourself these questions when reviewing your account statements: Are you sticking to your budget and remembering not to spend more than you are depositing? Are you setting aside a portion for your savings account?
  • The key to remember with creating a successful budget, increasing your savings, and even getting that very first credit card is DISCIPLINE!
  • Only spend what you have available, and only charge to your credit card, what you are able to pay back easily each month.
We are passionate about sharing this financial literacy with our youth! We'd love for you to visit us at any of our locations and work with one of our financial coaches to begin implementing the keys to a successful financial future. We are here to layout the road map on how to achieve your financial dreams at the start of your financial journey.

Join one of Texas Bay's very best financial coaches, Joseph Corona as he share tips on:

  • Creating a budget
  • How your credit can affect your financial journey and what to watch out for
  • Understanding your debt
It is available in English o está disponible en español!

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