With Our E-Banking Services You Can View Your Accounts Anytime

Control and Customize Your Banking Experience to Fit YOU

Texas Bay wants to provide our members with a user-friendly way to have complete control of your finances. With the Texas Bay Digital Banking experience, your accounts are as close as your nearest device. Our digital banking platform is loaded with robust financial tools and features to help you manage your accounts 24/7. 

Financial Management tools that put you in charge

Giving you the power to take control of your financial journey

Log Into online banking

Our Digital Banking platforms are designed to give you the power over your finances. The platform is loaded with robust features to make banking anytime and anywhere possible, which allows you to achieve your financial dreams faster and better than ever before. 
  • Account management functions, so you're always in control.
    • Password Management is in your hands
    • Easily transfer money
    • Pay bills on the go
    • Access statements 24/7
    • And much more!
  • Security measures to keep your information secure and private.

A paperless and clutter-free way to keep track of your financials

e-Statements offer you a way to coordinate and reorganize your financial life

Not many want to deal with organizing and maintaining a mountain of paper bank statements anymore. Not to mention trying to find a credit statement from 6 months ago is nearly impossible. Now, with free e-Statements from Texas Bay, quickly organize, store, and recall all of your bank statements from your computer.

If you aren't already enjoying less paper to organize and would like to move to paperless statements, log into your Digital Banking account to get set up. 

Get instant alerts to protect your accounts

Spot suspicious activity as soon as it happens

With Texas Bay's FREE e-Alerts, you'll always know your accounts' activity and instantly spot any transaction that isn't yours. You can customize your settings to let you know when and how any of your cards gets used. Enrollment is automatic, but continued alerts are entirely optional.

To set up custom alerts log into your digital banking account and under "Profile" select "Alerts".

How it works
  • When a suspicious purchase is flagged, you will receive a text message asking to confirm the purchase.
  • If you text "Yes," your card will remain available for use.
  • If you text "No,"  you will receive a number to call to validate outstanding charges and start the process for getting you a new card.

If you have any other questions or feel your account has been compromised, please give us a call.

Never forget a payment again

Automatic Bill Pay pays your bills on time, so you have one less thing to remember.

Every month you have a carousel of bills due on different days. Some today, one next week, one at the end of the month. Stop wondering and worrying about trying to remember to schedule all your payments or mail off the check. With Bill Pay, you can set automatic payments and never miss a bill again. Make life simple knowing that all your bills are fully paid, on time, each month. 

Why does Texas Bay offer Automatic Bill pay?
  • We want to give you the convenience of knowing that each bill will be paid when it's supposed.
  • Forgotten or delinquent bills can have some of the most harmful effects on your credit score. Building and maintaining a strong credit score is key to your financial success.
  • Being certain of when bills will be paid, and having those bills paid on time can help you manage your finances more efficiently and never worry about late fees or penalties. 
To set up your Bill Pay accounts, complete bill payment transactions and more log into your digital banking account and under "Payments" select "Bill Pay"

Because Texas Bay truly believes that we are financial partners, we want to see you financially succeed. We will always offer our members tools that will help them achieve their financial dreams.

Contact us to receive assistance in setting up your bill payment accounts.