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No Spend January; Will you accept the challenge?

Join us for #NoSpendJanuary

At Texas Bay, we aren’t just here to assist you with your banking needs; we are here to help you reach your financial goals! Did you set a financial goal for 2021? Was it to increase your savings, lower your debt, or how about to buy that house?

We want to help you kick-off 2021 strong with a challenge to get a jump start on your savings and set good financial habits for the year!

How much do you think you could save if you went 31 days without spending money on the “wants”?

Join us in our #nospendJanuary challenge, and for 31 days, commit only to spend money on your monthly bills and essential groceries! There is no extraneous spending! At the end of the month, see how much you saved by making no impulsive purchases. Could that extra money go to paying down debt or tucking it away in your emergency fund?

Sounds like a way to increase savings and lower debt, right? Want to get started, but not sure how? We are here to help!

First things first:

  1. Look over your finances for the past several months and see where you are. How much is going to purchase that Starbucks or dinner out? Figure out your monthly necessities and what can be put on hold for a month. Do you need ALL the streaming services?
  2. Write down your #nospendJanuary savings goals.
  3. Set a portion of your paycheck to be automatically deposited into your savings account. Out of sight, out of mind.
Follow us along on social media all month long for more tips and encouragement through the challenge! Then leave us comments and let us know your financial wins, big and small, throughout the month. We want to celebrate with you!

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