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Toys for Tots Wrap-up

Wrapping up Toys-for-Tots

During the holiday season, thousands of families all over the country rely on the Marine Corps Toys-for-Tots to help provide Christmas to their kids. With COVID-19, the demand was even greater in 2020. However, Houstonians have shown that time and time again, we will always come together to help our neighbors when they need it most.

This holiday season, Texas Bay partnered with UPVETS to help in the annual Marine Corps Toys-for-Tots toy drive. UPVETS is a non-profit organization and employee resource group for veterans operating out of the Union Pacific Railroad. As a veteran organization, UPVETS decided the Marine Corps Toys for Tots was an excellent opportunity to give back to the community.

In the beginning, the mission was to raise 5,000 toys for children in the Houston area. By the end of the toy drive, Texas Bay was able to help UPVETS shatter the goal and collectively raised over 14,000 toys! That count was given prior to toys being purchased with last-minute monetary donations!

Texas Bay would like to thank everyone who helped make this year's toy drive an absolute SUCCESS! Houstonians have proven that we will always come to the aid of one another in times of need. We hope to see that continue in 2021 as Texas Bay continues our mission to give back to our community!

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