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News: Celebrating our 85th Anniversary

Proudly Serving Houston for 85 Years!

From our first charter meeting at Pasadena High School to where we are 85 years later with 9 branches covering the Greater Houston Area, Texas Bay would like to send a very special THANK YOU to you and all of our Houston communities! You all have trusted Texas Bay to be your financial partner and helped us become what we are today!

Through some fantastic times and some trials and tribulations, we have grown alongside Houston and thanks to YOU we are celebrating our 85th year as the #1 Google ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Houston Credit Union. We take pride in being your financial partner over the years and helping many of our members achieve their
financial dreams. Thank you for the past 85 years, and we look forward to many more years proudly serving you, our beloved Houston community!

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