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Financial Tips

Make Your Retirement Savings Last: Tips and Strategies

Retirement marks a significant transition from earning a regular paycheck to relying on other sources of income, such as savings, pensions, and investments. Managing this income effectively ensures that your retirement funds last throughout your golden years. This blog explores essential tips and strategies for managing retirement income tailored for Texas Bay Credit Union members.

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Planning Your Dream Wedding

Wedding bells are ringing, and love is in the air in Houston, Texas. Yet, as enchanting as it may be, planning your wedding requires not only passion but also financial know-how. With Texas Bay Credit Union by your side, your journey towards "I do" can be as delightful as you have envisioned it.

Saving Money for Your Move: A Moving & Storage Guide

Moving to a new home can be an exciting but costly endeavor. From packing supplies to hiring professional movers, the expenses can quickly add up. However, with some careful planning and smart decisions, you can save money during your move. In this comprehensive guide, brought to you by Texas Bay Credit Union, we will share valuable tips and strategies to help you cut costs while ensuring a smooth relocation process.

How to Choose the Right CD Term for You

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a popular savings tool for investors looking to balance risk and reward. Offering higher interest rates than regular savings accounts, CDs provide a safe way to grow your money. However, choosing the proper term, or maturity date, requires understanding your financial goals, risk tolerance, and cash flow needs.

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Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Texas heat brings the presence of summer, but summer in the Gulf Coast Region of Texas brings on another danger: hurricanes. Living in the tropics, Houston has to prepare annually for the infamous hurricane season in the case of major storms such Harvey, Ike, Katrina, the list goes on. Every Houstonian knows that in order to keep themselves and others safe, they need to be prepared for the worst. For a quick refresher, we have built a step by step guide on how to best prepare yourself and family.

Spring Break Tips

Wherever you choose to spend your Spring Break, make sure you enjoy it. Having fun doesn’t always have to be hard work, it can be rewarding and relaxing. Remember to breathe in the fresh spring air (maybe take an allergy pill right before for the extra pollen in the air) and smile because you’re here, living life to the fullest.

Adapting to Changing Credit Trends

Year after year, it’s important to stay informed about changing trends that impact our overall financial landscape. Unfortunately, personal finances can often be an unsavory subject that many people try to sweep under the rug. However, from an interest rate perspective, not addressing issues can cost the average household quite a bit of money. 

As the President and CEO of Texas Bay Credit Union, Jesse Gutierrez is one of Houston’s leading financial experts who is here to provide insight and proactive steps for people to stay informed on evolving credit trends in 2024. 

Navigating Tax Season

As we enter tax season, individuals and businesses alike find themselves immersed in the annual ritual of sorting through financial documents and navigating the complex world of taxes. Texas Bay Credit Union is here to help make your tax season a breeze with a guide to a smooth tax experience and exclusive offers through the Love My Credit Union Rewards program.

Beware Credit Repair Companies

In the quest for a better credit score, many turn to credit repair companies, enticed by their promises to fix credit issues. However, beneath the surface, these companies often harbor risks that can leave consumers in a worse financial position. We at Texas Bay Credit Union aim to unveil these hidden dangers and guide Texans toward safer alternatives.

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Texas  Bay's Guide to Setting Financial Goals

It’s a New Year… time to think about your goals for the year. Are you planning to buy a new house or car? Is your focus on savings? Whatever your financial goal, Texas Bay can help! We reviewed two end-of-year surveys that indicate Americans believe we are heading into more a stable economic state and we have become adept at dealing with the uncertainty over the last two years. As such, we offer this guide to help you develop your 2024 Financial Goals.

Safety Checklist for Using Your Credit Card Overseas

Traveling abroad can be an exciting adventure but it requires careful planning, especially when managing finances. As a Texas Bay Credit Union member, using your credit card overseas can be convenient and rewarding. We will guide you through essential safety tips to ensure a hassle-free and secure financial experience during your international travels.

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Your Ultimate Financial Gift-Giving Guide

When showing your love and appreciation, giving the gift of financial security can be a thoughtful and lasting gesture. At Texas Bay Credit Union, based in Houston, Texas, we understand the importance of making sound financial choices. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the art of financial gift-giving, offering insights and ideas to help you make the right choices for your loved ones. Whether for a birthday, a wedding, or any special occasion, we aim to help you create lasting financial impact through your gifts.

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New vs. Used Auto Purchase:  Which One is Best and How It Affects Your Loan

Amid the end-of-year car holidays, many Texans are considering upgrading their ride. But should you go for a brand-new car with that new car smell or opt for a reliable used vehicle? At Texas Bay Credit Union, we understand the importance of making informed decisions about your auto purchase, especially regarding financing. We'll explore the pros and cons of new and used cars and how your choice impacts your auto loan.

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How to Manage Your Holiday Spending

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a time of financial stress and overspending.  One of the key strategies to ensure a smooth experience at the end of the year is setting a holiday budget. Our own VP of Lending, Bret Hoda, offers his expert advice about creating a budget and practical tips for sticking to it.

6 Tips for Using Your Credit Card Wisely Over the Holidays

During the holidays, we all have our wants and desires. Every year, the kids piece together their wish lists for Santa Claus, and parents do everything they can to fulfill those dreams. Add in the many outside influences of today - from TV to targeted advertisements on social media with every purchase being just one screen tap away- and managing your finances on a budget can become a nearly impossible task.

How to Protect Yourself from Common Banking Scams

At Texas Bay Credit Union, we prioritize your financial safety. As technology advances, so do the tactics employed by scammers. Even more concerning is the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) tools that make cyber threats more sophisticated and harder to detect. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through common banking scams you should be aware of and offer tips on protecting yourself.

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The Importance of an Emergency Fund

When life throws you a financial curveball, having an emergency fund can be the difference between making it through with minimal disruption or facing a financial disaster. Having money set aside for unexpected expenses is essential, and Texas Bay Credit Union is here to help.


Building Your Savings with a Credit Union: Tips & Strategies for Growing Your Money

Saving money is an essential part of achieving financial stability and securing a brighter future. While it may seem daunting at first, building your savings can become a gratifying journey with the support and guidance of a credit union. As a trusted financial partner, Texas Bay Credit Union is committed to helping its members grow their money wisely. Let’s explore valuable tips and strategies that will empower you to make the most of your savings and achieve your financial goals.


Strategies to Slash Debt, Boost Your Credit Score, and Stay on the Path to Success

In challenging economic times, many people find themselves burdened with debt and face difficulties in managing their finances effectively. Whether the problem is credit card debt or other piled-high balances that seem hopeless, finding strategies to consolidate debt and improve your credit score is crucial to achieving long-term financial stability.


Importance of Saving & Building  Credit - A Guide for Teenagers

As a teenager or young adult, you may not have thought much about building credit or saving money. But the truth is, it's never too early to start thinking about your financial future. Building credit and saving money are two essential steps to achieving your long-term financial goals.


6 Financial Wellness Tips for Young Adults

It's never too early to start learning bout money management. For young adults beginning their financial journey - heading off to college or entering the workforce for the first time - there are steps you can take to set yourself up for lifelong success.

Financial Advice for Buying Your First Home

Buying your first home is one of the largest and most important investments a person can make. The process involves setting a budget, getting pre-qualified for a mortgage loan, keeping up with your credit score, and more! Luckily, Texas Bay Credit Union is here to break down everything first-time home buyers need to know.

Financial Tips for Freshmen College Students

As a new college student, managing your finances can be overwhelming. However, with effective budgeting and financial planning, you can smoothly transition into academic life and enjoy your first year without financial worry. Let Texas Bay Credit Union provide you with essential back-to-school financial tips to help you navigate your first year in college with confidence and financial stability.

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Keeping Yourself Cyber Safe!

Our world relies on the internet now. Whatever we do is being tracked daily by companies, cookies, and third parties. The world has evolved so much that we are constantly using the net for checking the news, paying your bills, connecting with people across the world, viewing account summaries, and even ordering take-out! With freedom to view what the world has to offer right on the palms of our hands, comes a danger of being pried on.