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Cyber Safety

Be Cyber Smart!

Our world relies on the internet now. Whatever we do is being tracked daily by companies, cookies, and third parties. The world has evolved so much that we are constantly using the net for checking the news, paying your bills, connecting with people across the world, viewing account summaries, and even ordering take-out! 

With freedom to view what the world has to offer right on the palms of our hands, comes a danger of being pried on.

Checklist of Things to Do to Steer Clear of Cyber Creepers:

cookie iocon Clear out all cookies on your browsers and apps at least once a month to ensure your personal information is safe

password iconSharing your User ID or password-- Keyword: Don't!
computer and phone iconNever allow anyone to have remote access to your devices (i.e. phones, laptops, computers, tablets, etc.)

man in disguise iconVerify the identity of those who send emails or texts that seem unfamiliar. With the number of spam/phishing/frauds, double-checking can only hurt the ones trying to come after your information!

telephone iconGot a phone call or email from Texas Bay Credit Union, but you aren't sure it is from us? Call us at 713.497.1461 or send us a message through the message center on your mobile app to confirm

verification iconRemember, we will NEVER ask for your personal information in an email, call, or text.

How Do We Prevent Cyber Attacks?

We have many services in place besides our wonderful MIS team who oversees our Cyber Security. Some ways we help you remain cyber safe are:
  • Providing Card Control through our Card Control app, so that you can take charge of your cards if they happen to leave your sight.
  • 24/7 Fraud Protection
  • Biometric Log in to your mobile app