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News: First Annual Financial Wellness Month

Looking Back on our First Annual Financial Wellness Month

September was Financial Wellness Month at Texas Bay. Our goal was to improve our members' overall financial health and wellness through educational videos, articles, and services. 

Throughout the month, we posted a total of 10 financial wellness videos to our social media pages on topics ranging from creating a budget to improving your credit score to buying your first home. How many of our videos did you see? 

If you missed our videos on social media you can catch them all in our Financial Wellness area on our website.

Many of our members also improved their financial health with our Credit Enhancement service. This service is designed to help members rebuild credit and improve their credit score as well as identify places in their finances that can be improved or taken to the next level.

This isn't just a once a year event at Texas Bay, we take our role as our members trusted financial partner seriously.  You will see an increase of financial wellness videos, articles and more throughout the year.  Have a topic you would like us to cover?  Send us a message and let us know.

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