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You work hard for your money, is your money working hard for you? 

Texas Bay is here to ensure that as you are concentrating on working your way up the corporate ladder, your financial goals stay on target.

Whether you are just beginning your professional career or are in your twentieth year, with the right planning, the money you are earning can pay off for your short term and long term goals.  We know it's hectic establishing your professional career or working your way up to your dream position on the ladder.  The last thing you want to do is spend time managing your finances on a day to day basis to ensure you will have what you need.  Spending some time to set up your finances to reach all your goals with your financial partner will pay dividends in the long run.

Whether you are planning on purchasing a home, paying off your student loans, or building up your nest egg, Texas Bay is here to help create a tailored-made solution to fit YOUR needs.

Have you ironed out your short and long range goals? Are you wondering how to make them happen? Create Your PLAN!

There are 4 things to create a solid plan to reach your financial goals.
  1. Budget & Save! - Have you created your budget?  Is it working for you? Have you set up your savings to be automated.  Take a look at your expenses versus your income, are you living within your means to reach your goals? Are there some items you can cut to save more? Go through with a fine-tooth comb to ensure your budget is getting you on-course to your financial goals. Automate your savings so you don't have an opportunity to spend it.
  2. Watch Your Debt - How are your student loans? Are your loan rates through the roof? How much of your car, credit cards or house payment are going to pay interest payments instead of the principal? Refinance your high interest auto or home loans to save more and pay down debt faster. Are you paying off your credit cards every month? Would consolidating your debt with a personal loan save you thousands of dollars  in the long run on lower interest fees?
  3. Understand Your Credit - Do you know what is making up your credit score? Have you gotten your financial wellness check up yet? Do you have the tools necessary to build your credit so you can enjoy the lower interest rates? Texas Bay offers FREE credit enhancement consultations to get you on track to building your credit so you can enjoy the perks later. Take advantage of the money you could be earning today!
You can always call or visit a Texas Bay branch to have a one-on-one meeting with a Financial Team Member to gain knowledge and insight on how to review your budget and debt. Could we find ways to lower it? How about put a solution together to take advantage of the right investment option to fit you?  They will help create a solution for your financial success.

We are also happy to provide you with resources and videos to provide you with more Money Management  and Planning for the Future tips and advice geared specifically to you!  You can locate these right here on our website.


Your career has you running from meeting to meeting, what if you could find your next car from your device between meetings?

From the Texas Bay website you can not only apply for your next car loan, but also find your next car. Try out Texas Bay's user-friendly online car buying service! Search new & used vehicle inventory, watch virtual test drive videos, get estimated payments and MORE!

We bring the car search to you, giving you the opportunity to research and find your next vehicle all online. Our goal is to help you save money on your important decisions.
  • You can take a Virtual Test Drive from anywhere at anytime
  • The Price Curve tool will tell you if each listing is fairly priced
  • The Find Better Price tool will search for a better deal on similar vehicles
  • Our Find a Car site prevents 3rd-party cookie and ads - your privacy is important to us
  • All auto loan members receive a free myEZ Car Care Membership to save you money on auto service and travel.
  • This just scratches the surface of what you could use to your advantage, there are many more auto research tools available.
Before your next meeting check it out and start your search today!

Financial Management on the go!
You want to stay on top of your finances, but you need it to be simple and easy! As a member of Texas Bay, you have access to our robust Digital Banking platform. Stay on track of your budget and goals from your laptop or mobile device. Our Digital Banking allows you to bank anywhere, anytime and provides you features so as:

  • Account management functions, so you're always in control.
    • Password Management is in your hands
    • Easily transfer money
    • Pay bills on the go
    • Access statements 24/7
    • And much more!
  • Money Management features to coordinate your financial future.
    • Budget, monitor spending, and establish savings goals
    • Compile your Texas Bay accounts and accounts from other financial institutions for a complete financial view
    • See where your money goes and take control of your spending by categorizing transactions automatically
  • Security measures to keep your information secure and private.
    • Can't find your card? Lock it instantly to prevent fraudulent activity. You can unlock your card just as quickly as you locked it should you find it.
  • And much MORE! Make your life easier and take advantage of these free digital banking features.

Solutions Made For You!

You are focused on your career, team up with a partner who wants to see you reach ALL your goals. Lean on your financial partner, Texas Bay, to help you create the best solution and provide you the resources to be successful at every stop along the way! We have solutions made simple with features to help you bank anytime, anywhere!

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Invest in your future with multiple options and competitive dividends to help you reach your goals!

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Flexible terms and low rates with a team that will work to get you the loan the works for you. 

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Do MORE with LESS time! Texas Bay's digital banking was made for you on the go.
Deposit checks from your phone, set up alerts, turn your card off and on if you suspect fraud

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